Mean field interactions with singular kernels and their approximations

Paris, Institut Henri Poincaré, 18–22 December, 2023




The aim of this conference is to bring together internationally recognised experts in mean-field dynamics (large particle systems, McKean-Vlasov equations, Master equation) in the presence of singular interaction kernels and their numerical approximations. Since the seminal work of Lasry and Lions, mean-field games have undergone considerable development in a wide range of applications (physical systems or economic models) and have brought the McKean-Vlasov equations back to the fore. Particular attention is now being paid to equations involving singular kernels, of the distribution type, from both the theoretical and practical points of view with regard to the approximation of this type of equation. The current literature illustrates this trend and calls on a large number of stochastic analysis tools (stochastic calculus, (functional) analysis, rough trajectories, etc.). The idea of the meeting would be to allow the major players in these fields to present their latest results and to allow interaction between specialists in theoretical aspects and those in aspects linked to approximation (particulate, discretisation).




The informations for the Social Dinner can be downloaded here in pdf format.

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